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Bylaws V-XIV


Article V.                  MEETINGS

Section 5.01         ANNUAL MEETING.  An Annual Meeting will be held for the purpose of conducting the election of Executive Officers.  See Section 4.09 for meeting date.

Section 5.02         REGULAR MEETINGS.  Board meetings will be held once a month on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. unless it conflicts with a holiday at which time the President may reschedule if necessary. All topics outside of normal discussion must be submitted in writing to the President 10 days prior to scheduled meeting to be considered for discussion.  The 2nd Vice President will make any necessary meeting location arrangements.

Section 5.03         NOTICE.  At least seven (7) days in advance of each Board meeting, notice of the meeting shall be given to the members in such a form as authorized by the Board.  Regular meeting will be designated by the Board and will be open to all interested persons.

Section 5.04         SPECIAL MEETINGS.  The AGSA President or a member of the Board at their discretion may call special meetings.  Upon written request of at least six (6) Association members, the AGSA President shall call a specific meeting to consider a specific request.

Section 5.05         TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS.  A majority of General (voting) Board members (51%) must be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.  Any member may submit an absentee Proxy by notifying the AGSA President of the same prior to the meeting.  Meetings pertaining to the constitution and by-laws must have 75% of the Executive Board in attendance.  The AGSA President shall not have voting rights unless necessary to break tie vote or if his/her vote is necessary to make quorum to consider an issue that cannot be postponed.  All meetings will be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Article VI.                 FINANCES

Section 6.01         REGISTRATION FEES.  Registration fees will be determined by the Board in a meeting before each season's registration.  

Section 6.02         EQUALITY. The Board shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances.  

Section 6.03         AUTHORIZATION.  The Treasurer has the authority to issue checks without the approval of the Board to pay bills for the Association, that he/she has the authority to pay.  All checks not within the normal course of business, in excess of $1000, except umpiring costs, will be signed off on by both the President and the Treasurer.  Association funds in excess of the immediate need should be kept in an Association savings account.

Section 6.04         FEDERAL AND STATE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for annually filing all required Federal and State information returns and corporate documentation.

Section 6.05         FISCAL YEAR.  The fiscal year for the Association shall be from July 1 to June 30.

Section 6.06         CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  The Association may not knowingly enter into an agreement to purchase goods or services from any source that may constitute a conflict of interest.  A conflict of interest is defined as purchases from any business or organization where a member of the Board may receive some direct financial benefit.  Exceptions may be granted at an Executive Board meeting by a 75% majority vote of the board members in attendance.

Article VII.               COMMITTEES

Section 7.01         Committees shall be appointed by the AGSA President and/or Board as required to conduct business of the Association. 

Article VIII.             AMENDMENTS  

Section 8.01         These bylaws shall be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the Board at any regular or special meeting (See Section 5.05).  The AGSA President shall maintain a history of the amendments to the bylaws in the Secretary's notebook.

Article IX.                 REGISTRATION

Section 9.01         REGISTRATION FEES.  In order for a girl to participate in the Recreation league and/or competitive play, she must have paid a registration fee as set by the Board on or before all dates as established by the Board. Competitive members may pay installments through the registration system. Financial assistance for extended installment plans must be approved by the board.

Section 9.02         FORMS.  In order for a player to participate in Recreation or Competitive league and tournament play, the player must have completed, and submitted, all required forms prior to the start of play. 

Section 9.03         LATE REGISTRATION. Any girl who fails to register before the deadline may be granted membership as follows: 

(A) Recreation League:   The Recreation League Commissioner, in conjunction with the AGSA President, shall monitor the placement of players on teams until the maximum is reached.  Players will be placed on teams in order of the team's status at the draft/draw.  The Recreation League Commissioner has the right to place players on teams to even out competition levels or if a position player is needed.  The Board reserves the right to impose late registration fee deadlines.

(B) Competitive League: The Competitive League Commissioner shall monitor the placement of players on teams until the maximum is reached.  Players will be placed on teams based on an independent evaluation organized by the Competitive League Commissioner along with evaluations from age division coaches. Every effort will be made to place the girl on an appropriately skilled team.

Section 9.04         REFUNDS.  It is up to the discretion of the Board to determine the amount or percentage of refund a player may receive. 

Section 9.05         SCHOLARSHIPS.  Relief from registration fees can be requested via a written request documenting financial hardship that is presented to the Board for review. 

Article X.                  LOCAL RULES AND POLICIES

Section 10.01      RULES AND REGULATIONS.  All rules and regulations will be based on a nationally recognized competitive girls' softball organization as selected by the Board.  And the Board will modify such rules and regulations for local use as needed.    

Section 10.02      AGE DIVISIONS. 

A) For Competitive Team softball, guidelines from a nationally recognized competitive girls' softball organization will be used for determination of age division eligibility.  A player's age as of 11:59 pm on December 31st determines the age division in which the player is eligible to play the following year. Parents and/or guardians may request that their child play up in the next league due to their skill level and softball abilities.  Requests must be made at the time of registration.  The Board reserves the right to deny a request due to general safety concerns.

Player movement to a different league after the team assignment is at the discretion of the Board after presentation of exigent circumstances. 

B)For Recreation League, placement is also determined by player's age as of 11:59 pm on December 31st.

Ã???Ã??Ã?·        6 and Under (Little Hitters)

Ã???Ã??Ã?·        8 and Under (Junior League) 

Ã???Ã??Ã?·        10 and Under (League I) 

Ã???Ã??Ã?·        12/14 and Under (League II)

Parents and/or guardians may request that their child play up in the next league due to their skill level and softball abilities.  Requests must be made at the time of registration.  The Board reserves the right to deny a request due to general safety concerns.

Player movement to a different league after the team assignment is at the discretion of the Board after presentation of exigent circumstances.  COACHES HANDBOOK.  Rules governing play in each league are set forth in the Coaches Handbook

Section 10.03      TEAMS PER LEAGUE.  The number of teams per league shall be determined by the Board prior to the team assignments.

Section 10.04      PLAYERS PER TEAM.  The maximum number of players per team shall be established by the league prior to the team assignments.

Section 10.05      SCHEDULE.  The Board will determine, prior to the start of the season, the number of games to be played in each league and when they will be played.

Section 10.06      UMPIRES. Umpires, home plate or base, must be qualified and approved by the Recreation League Commissioner and/or the Facilities and Umpires Manager, and be familiar with the local rules and revisions as provided by the Umpire Manager.  Games will not be postponed because there are no umpires; Association volunteers will be utilized. 

Section 10.07      OFFICER OF THE DAY.  Each officer shall serve a week of the season as the board member in charge of the following (to include, but not be limited to): 

(a)      Opening/closing the concession stand if scheduled by the Concessions Manager.

(b)      Serve as on-site contact person for any issues.

(c)      Report any issues or injuries to the Board

Section 10.08      CODE OF CONDUCT.  Any player, spectator or coach who is ejected from a game shall immediately leave the Association complex and shall not be allowed to participate in the next game.  If a subsequent ejection or dugout restriction occurs within the same season, the player, spectator or coach shall be banned from the Association complex for the season. Any coach receiving three ejection or dugout restrictions within 12 months of each other will give up his/her board position immediately (if serving on the board) and serve a two-year suspension from the Association. The two-year suspension includes, but is not limited to, a restriction from coaching and participation on the Board. The executive board has the right increase this suspension should they see fit.

At any time during the season a coach is ejected from a game, or restricted to the dugout, the coach must notify your respective Commissioner within 72 hours of the incident. The coach must provide, in a written format, the events leading up to the ejection/restriction. If this is not done within the 72-hour period, the Commissioner has the right to suspend the coach for one game. Once the Commissioner has been notified, he/she will contact the tournament director to attempt to identify the umpire to obtain his/her point of view of the situation and will share the findings at the next executive board meeting.

Article XI.                 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES

Section 11.01      FILING.  Charges must be filed in writing, signed by the complainant and presented to the Recreation League Commissioner or Competitive Team Commissioner within 48 hours of the alleged violations.  A complainant is defined as a player, parent, coach, umpire, board member, or member of the league.

Section 11.02      PROCESSING.  The charges will be referred by the Recreation League Commissioner or Competitive Team Commissioner within 24 hours of receipt, to the Board.  The Board will review the charges, evaluate the issue and reach a decision within 7 days of receipt of the charges.  If the issue involves a discipline issue, then by a 75% vote, may discipline the player or coach or dismiss the charge.  Expulsion will be final.

Section 11.03      CONFLICTS.  No Board member involved with the player or team involved will have a vote in the final decision.  Involvement is defined as being related to the coach or assistant coach(s) or team members of the party concerned.

Article XII.               COACHES

Section 12.01      SELECTION.  While all coaching positions in the Association are volunteer-oriented, the Association reserves the right to select or reject coaches.  Persons requesting a coaching position will be required to provide clearances/authorizations for background checks as requested by the Association. Any founded discrepancies will result in disqualification.  No exceptions. In the event there are more coaching position requests than available positions, the Executive Board will make the final selection.

Section 12.02      PERFORMANCE.  The Association provides a recreational sports activity for the players, and while competition is a healthy thing, overly aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.  We must provide a positive character-building experience for all players.  Coaches should:

(a)      Honor the game by encouraging teamwork and good sportsmanship.  Show respect for the players, opponents, fans and officials

(b)      Use positive motivation and recognition to support all players

(c)      Place the emotional and physical well-being of the players ahead of a personal desire to win

(d)      Treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development for the same age group

(e)      Do one's best to provide a safe playing situation for the players

(f)       Lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all players

(g)      Provide a sports environment that is free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, nicotine based products, and refrain from their use at the youth complex

(h)      Be knowledgeable of applicable rules and teach them to the players

(i)       Use those coaching techniques appropriate for each of the skills taught to the players

(j)       Remember that one is a youth sports coach, and that the game is for children and not adults

(k)      Attend Coaches clinics put on by the Association


Section 13.01      All teams will be assigned in the following manner:

(i)        All competitive team players will be distributed and assigned to teams equally by the Recreation Committee.

(ii)        Special requests (i.e. sisters on same team) will be considered and assigned to teams.

(iii)        Remaining players will be assigned to teams starting with oldest player and working to youngest player.  All teams will be assigned a player before any team is assigned their next player.  The rotation will repeat through all teams as necessary until reaching youngest player.  

Section 13.02      PROTECTED PLAYERS.  The daughter(s) of the coach and one (1) assistant coach shall be automatically assigned to the coach's team. 

Section 13.03      SISTERS.  All sisters in the same league will be placed on the same team unless specifically requested otherwise by the parent/guardian at registration. 

Section 13.04      LATE REGISTRANTS.  Late registrants that have been approved by the Board shall be placed on the next team that does not have the maximum number of players. The Recreation League Commissioner has the right to place players on teams to even out competition levels or if a position player is needed. 

Section 13.05      PLAYER EQUIPMENT.  The Association will provide jerseys, bats, balls, batting helmets and catching equipment.  All equipment must meet or exceed ASA and USSSA requirements.  When not in use during the regular practice and playing season, the playing equipment will be stored in a shed at the complex.  Inventory, maintenance and disbursement of equipment are the responsibility of the Equipment Manager. All Association equipment must be returned to the Equipment Manager within one week after the last regularly scheduled Recreation League game.

Section 13.06      DISTRIBUTION.  The Equipment Manager shall determine a date to distribute the equipment to league coaches.  Coaches, or their suitable representative, shall attend equipment handout to ensure proper transfer of equipment.

Section 13.07      MAINTENANCE.  All equipment will be handled, used and stored in an appropriate manner.  Any mistreatment of equipment by an Association member may result in disciplinary action being taken by the Association.

Section 13.08      INVENTORY.  The Equipment Manager is to keep a record of all playing and field maintenance equipment owned by the Association.

Section 13.09      PLAYER OWNED EQUIPMENT.  Equipment shall meet USSSA and ASA requirements.  

Article XIV.             COMPETITIVE TEAMS  

Section 14.01      PURPOSE.  The Competitive Team program is designed to offer players the opportunity to experience softball on a more competitive level against teams on the state, regional and national level throughout the summer.  Our goal is to have enough teams and coaches to accommodate all players interested in playing Competitive Team softball.  However, the Association will not guarantee all players will have a team or be able to play in the competitive program. 

Section 14.02      COMMITMENT.  Participation in the Competitive Team program requires a commitment on the part of the coaches, players and parents.  The Competitive Team Commissioner and coaches shall discuss this commitment for practices, games and tournaments with the players and parents at the Parents' Meeting prior to finalizing the teams. 

Section 14.03      ELIGIBILITY. Any player is eligible to try out for Competitive Team softball provided they are within the age divisions set forth below and attend school within the Ankeny School District or reside in the Ankeny School District.  The tryout is to assess the skill level of the players and place them on teams according to like skills.

Section 14.04      AGE DIVISIONS.  The Association shall sponsor at least one (1) team in the 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U age divisions provided there is sufficient interest to field teams.  When there is sufficient interest to field additional teams in an age division, the Association will consider sponsorship of additional teams in order to promote the development of the players and the betterment of the program.  

Section 14.05      TRYOUTS.  Formal tryouts shall be held at least annually to place players on competitive teams.  Dates of tryouts shall be posted on the web site and at registration.  Player selection may also be based upon input from coaches from the Recreational and Competitive leagues.  No players are guaranteed there will be an opening for them to play on a competitive team and no player is guaranteed on the team they will be assigned.

Section 14.06      Competitive Team players can be moved from a higher level competitive team to a lesser competitive team or vice versa.  Movement of players must be completed before March 1 st unless otherwise approved by the Board. All player movement requests must be submitted to and approved by the Competitive Team Commissioner.  It will then be up to the respective Competitive Team coaches and Competitive Team Commissioner to determine a possible replacement(s).  

Section 14.07      PLAYER REPLACEMENT REQUESTS.  If a higher level competitive team needs to fill an opening, the coach must talk to the coach from the next level competitive team and agree on which player should be moved up.  If unable to reach a mutual agreement, the final decision is up to the Competitive Team Commissioner. 

Section 14.08      DISPUTES.  

(a)      Any dispute regarding the formation of teams or any other Association tournament team policy that may arise during the playing season or off-season shall be forwarded, in writing, within 10 days to the Competitive Team Commissioner for resolution.

(b)      The Competitive Team Commissioner may request disciplinary action, including but not limited to removal of a coach or player from a competitive team, to the Board.

(c)      Appeal of the Competitive Team CommissionerÃ??Ã?¢??s decision can be made to the Executive Board.  The decision of the Executive Board shall be final. 

Section 14.09      FUNDING.  The funds for sponsorship of the competitive team program shall derive from the Ankeny Girls Softball Association.  Players shall also be assessed a competitive team registration fee, which shall be determined by the Board, in consultation with the Executive Board. 

Section 14.10      EQUIPMENT.  The Association shall provide equipment for each tournament team that shall include a gear bag, net, balls, scoring book(s) and catching equipment.  Each Competitive Team player is responsible for their own batting helmet(s), gloves and bat. A fielding mask is recommended. All equipment must meet or exceed ASA and USSSA requirements.  All Association equipment must be returned to the Equipment Manager within one week after the last regularly scheduled Recreation League or Competitive Team game unless otherwise approved by the Equipment Manager.

Section 14.11      UNIFORM.  The Association Board shall determine the uniform for Competitive Teams prior to the fall competitive season. The cost of the team uniforms will be the responsibility of the player. No changes to the uniform, such as the additional of names, logos or any other printing will be permitted. Failure to comply will result in the player being required to purchase a new jersey.

These Bylaws were adopted as written by the Executive Board of the Ankeny Girls Softball Association effective, October 31, 2006.

The Bylaws were modified and approved as modified on March 7, 2011.

The Bylaws were modified and approved as modified on February 8, 2016.

The Bylaws were modified and approved as modified on April 3, 2017.

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